Corona Special: $100 Gift Certificate for $75 – Boots & Heels

Corona Special: $100 Gift Certificate for $75

$ 75.00

You pay $75 and you will receive a $100 Gift Certificate that is a $25 bonus whoop! 

Your special purchase helps keeps us afloat through this Corna Virus dumpster fire nightmare. While we know that many of our Fab Friends would love to come shopping, some are trying hard to social distance and do their part to keep the virus at bay. 

This special purchase, says "We love your store and we want to help you weather this storm" 

We have lots of great items here for Spring and coming for spring and summer that we can't wait to show you. Gift Certificates paid value does not expire.

Let us know in the notes of your order if you would like a Paper Gift Certificate to use in the store or a gift certificate to be used on our website. (Someone is going to ask, can it be used for both? And the answer is if you email me all things are possible ;) our systems just don't mesh together as nicely as we would like) Thank you for helping us continue to bring you cute and comfy things. 

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