Return Policy - Employee Naviagtion


While we want to make every effort to work with our customers, we have to have some sort of a policy for returns. Fashion Trends and fads can die fast. That is why we offer the following.



  1. Customer must have a receipt
  2. Returns within 10 days from the date of purchase will be credited to the customer using the original payment type   I
  3. Days from purchase: 10-30 Gift Certificate. Employee can offer up to 60 days gift certificate to a customer for customer satisfaction. days will be refunded with a Gift Certificate.
  4. Clearance items are final sale if still in 
  5. Defective items can be given a store credit within 3 months for purchases under $75 and Up to 6 months for items over $75. But store credit only. You must report this kind of return to Amber.
  6. Customers paying with check must wait 10 days before returning merchandise