Create an Outfit using P.P.S

Don't Know What to Wear? 

When in doubt on what to wear create an outfit using P.P.S.


Step 1: Select a patterned something from your wardrobe.

Step 2: Choose pop of color from your wardrobe that will work it your pattern. 

Step 3: Choose your Shine item. 

Step 4: Fill in the rest with the a base color of black, white, brown or navy tones. 



1. Pattern: Leopard Cape
2. Pop of Color: Wine Colored Pants
3. Shine: Earrings
4. Fill Ins: Black Tee Shirt, Black Ballet Flat
1. Pattern: Grey & White Tank Top
2. Pop of Color: Pink Bag
3. Shine: Necklace
4. Fill Ins: White jeans and a Brown Shoe (In this case it is a taupe shoe, to make taupe you dilute brown with white ya see;) 


1. Pattern: Buffalo Check Button Down Top
2. Pop of Color: Yellow Purse
3. Shine: Long Necklace
4. Fill Ins: Navy Denim, Grey Bootie (You dilute Black with white to get grey), Grey Tank

Don't bloody well feel like wearing a pop of color today?

You can sub ANY of the 3 elements of P.P.S with a Texture instead.
So in the case above
1.Pattern: Earrings
2. Pop of Color Texture you've swapped out your pop of color for the extra texture that the cape provides so you don't HAVE to have the pop of color. 
3. Shine: Earrings (YES one piece can be used for 2 of the elements of the P.P.S Outfit)
4. Fill Ins: Navy Denim, Black Booties, White Tee Shirt
There you have it. Leave me a comment or email/facebook me a pic of you using the P.P.S method. :)