Fab Friend PreOrders – Boots & Heels

Fab Friend PreOrders

The GREAT thing about the Preorders, is I will give you a little discount or in some cases a big discount. The catch is... if you want to you be able to return the item once you receive your item, but only for a gift certificate and not cashback. That way you get a fun deal, I get feedback about possible styles you love or hate, AND you aren't stuck with anything. Sounds pretty good right? ;) Plus, you get Free Shipping, Delivery or can pick up at the Fargo or Devils Lake shops. 

I hope you like the stuff as much as I do! Feel free to reach out and let me know what you love/hate about the stuff even if you don't want to order.

The prices are listed on this page and at checkout, you can select your shipping options. :) 

These are only available through Thursday. 

As soon as the “PreOrder Period” ends, we will get these ordered and on their way. They should reach us in 7-14 days and we will get them out to you from there. If for some reason (This doesn’t happen often) they should not arrive within 30 days, we will reach out to ask if you would like a refund.  Thank you for helping us give you access to new styles before anyone else and giving yourself a great deal in the process. :) If you have any questions ever, feel free to reach out. I love hearing from you. :) amber@bootsandheelsshop.com



Fargo 701-212-4277 (Where I am most often)

Devils Lake 701-544-0177 (I am at least once a week and our team is pretty awesome)