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Thoughts on Printed Leggings.

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So on my personal facebook page, I posted the following status: "Anyone have thoughts on printed leggings? Would you wear them? One of the trends I personally have a harder time wrapping my head around. Hmmmm" I got a mixed bag of reactions from my family and friends.  Surprisingly all but one, of the 25-35 year olds that responded thought that printed leggings were for college and high school girls (which was kind of the way I was leaning). But the woman that responded that she loves them and wears them all the time is someone I consider to have...

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Getting Ready for Spring

Spring is getting so close to being sprung.  This week it is finally going to pull out of the arctic and become above zero for all of us in North Dakota.  I am going to do some serious cart wheels down the street when it does!  All of this cold weather is depressing and for retailers... Well... Just downright more so. ;)   But with Spring coming it definitely means we will soon be pulling out our Spring/Summer wardrobes and figuring out what we have, what we need, and what we want.  So make sure you take some time to...

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