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Have a problem with Razor bumps when shaving sensitive areas? Smooth on a little deodorant.  Wearing a dress or short and a little uncomfortable with your legs looking blotchy. Mix a small amount of foundation (that matches the skin color of your legs) into you lotion. It just tints it a little bit, so you won't look unnatural but will help the skins appearance a bit. 

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3 Colors to pair with Mint.

3 things thoughts

Mint is everywhere for spring. But instead of investing in an entire outfit every time you go to the store. Make sure you

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3 Reasons to wear dresses as warmer weather approaches

3 things style thoughts

  They are actually comfortable, if you get over the fact that you feel to dressy or don’t want to stand out, whatever the reason you normally shy away, they are nearly like wearing pajamas in public…only stylish. Dresses are easy layering pieces for hot/cold temperatures in your office layer with a sweater or blazer and you have instantly easy polished looks. Dresses are one piece. ONE so if you don’t want to get into layering with it, you only have to take 1 thing from your closet, instead of trying to pick tops and bottoms that go together which...

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5 Reasons you should transition your wardrobe to Spring with Black & White

Black and White are classic. White feels fresh and clean Black top, white pants? An easy way to feel styled. If you are afraid to wear white because you spill things on yourself, add white with a purse or shoe instead of a clothing item.  Black and white go with pretty much every single other color in your closet. Unless of course you wear a chicken suit. ;)

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Winter Blahs

3 things thoughts tips winter blues

I don't know about everyone else, but the recent weather had put me into the major winter blahs. It is cold, it gets dark entirely to early at night and it just makes you want to go home, pull the covers over your heard and sleep. Well that isn't all... We also eat, out of boredom and I don't know, wanting to store fat to make it through the winter. It is primal, thats what we can blame it on right?! ;) So I know, as I woke up this morning, not feeling incredible about myself, some of you may...

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