You are storing your shoes all wrong...

Putting your boots away until next Fall? Make sure you do these 3 easy things before you put them away to extend the life of your shoes. (That way you can buy more, different shoes rather than only replace your basics)

1. Stuff the toe with tissue, paper towels, Old socks... SOMETHING so that gravity doesn't take its' tole and give your the dreaded creases to early. Also if it has a taller boot shaft, stuff the shaft with rolled old magazine or pool noodle to keep them upright. 

2. Clean the mud and dirt off. Dust off the shoes first and then use a damp mirco fiber cloth with some water on it. (There are a tone of products on the market for this if you feel you need some deep cleaning but tiny bit of dawn dish soap can be a life saver too) 

3. Wait for them to dry completely around 24 hours and then spray them with a silicone protectant spray.

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