Where to Park in Downtown Fargo

Fargo Parking

We opened our Downtown Fargo Store in April of 2019 so we have learned some fun tricks about Parking. Really parking near our store is generally quite easy, so always come to the 400 block first ;) You can generally park within a few space of Boots & Heels, The Stabo, Zandbroz Variety, Unglued, Bernbaums and Insomnia Cookie. But if you are planning a couple of hours of shopping and dinning the below info might come in handy. 

  • Roberts Commons Parking Ramp: Just a couple blocks away from us, so if you plan on walking along broadway, this is a great place to park
217 Roberts St N
    Daily Rate: 
    0-2 Hours FREE
    2-4 Hours $3.00
    4-6 Hours $5.00
    All-Day $8.00
    Free evenings 5 PM - 8 AM & Weekends
    • Street Parking On Broadway: The Parking on each block of most of Broadway is for 90 min. Now if you start parked on the 400 block (ya know the best block.. but we are bias) then you can moved to the 300 block, 200 block or even the 100 block (which is where Silver Linings Ice Cream is and you WANT to visit them especially if they have Lavender & Honey Ice Cream on the menu currently)  But after 5pm don't worry about it, the parking restriction ends at 5pm each day.
    • Block 9 Parking Ramp

    Access is on 5th St N Across from the Radisson Hotel Entrance

    Daily Rate:

    0-3 Hours $3

    3-6 Hours $5

    All Day $8

    Free Evenings 6PM-6AM & Weekends

    • Street Parking on Roberts Street (Directly behind Boots & Heels) Currently the street parking right along Roberts street is available for 4 hour increments before you have to move to a different block.


    *Please use this as a guideline only and watch for signs that point out any changes that may have occured. 


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