What to do when you are sick of your hair


I don't know why, this happens to me every year. I get sick to death of my hair! When I was younger I went on an endless growing it out and chopping it all off cycle that I don't want to get back into. So the last couple years I have had a goal that is more of a "teach myself a new way to style my hair" rather than start chopping, which while fun, you can't glue to back on if you change your mind, lol. And I tell myself, if after I learn something new, I still want to chop it off... then by all means. Go for it.  

I think many of you that know me, have seen my little side bun with a twist, which is a favorite for mornings when time is slim. (Find a video about how to do that one here)

I spent a decent amount of time on Pinterest the other night searching for good suggestions on cute and quick hair styles, and I found a favorite, from Marie Claire but then again... Marie Claire is usually a great source of all things beauty anyway.

So here is my version of the "Mega Volume Pony Tail" (better than a reg but still not that voluminous) and a bit of the "cool girl twist"(and I require some practice) haha

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