What shoes do I wear with an ankle pant?

I often get this question and i was recently talking with a Fab Friend that works in a large clothing retailer and she said she gets it all the time too. 

Ankle Pants are a lot easier to choose a shoe than most people think. 

My personal favorite (and are for most things) is a classic pointed toe pump. Why does this look good with an ankle pant? The pointed toe helps make the leg look longer, the heel makes the leg look longer and then having the exposed ankle (typically the smallest part of the leg) and the exposed foot can all combine to make your leg look longer and leaner. Doesn't that sound amazing?!

But Amber, I don't like/or don't want to always wear a heel.... No worries, a classic ballet flat exposes enough of the foot and ankle that they look great.  

So you want a more casual shoe for right now? These cute mule sandals will be perfect to throw on with your ankle pants and a t-shirt or dressy top.  

And mules are available in many colors and heights, just find the right pair for you.

If you want to wear something that covers your foot more like a boot or sneaker, I think it typically looks best with a heel. But that doesn't mean it has to be dressy. You can find lots of cute sneakers with a sneaky wedge heel like below. 



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