Valentine's Gift Guide: Top 3

Gift guide love Valentines Day

  1. We live in an old house, because we (and really my husband would maybe prefer the newer...) LOVE old houses. So warm things to out on the feet are really necessary. So enter GENUINE sheep shearling slipper. I have had a pair for over a year and I wear them all the time. The genuine sheep shearling not only helps with warmth, but also breaths better than manmade materials so it helps with the "slipper feet" smell.. if ya know what I mean. ;)
  2. See comments about cold floors above. But sometimes you just don't want to wear a slipper, so that is when these fabulous socks come in. Not to mention pairing them in your snow boots for some added warmth. Great for around the house and around the great outdoors. These have a looped wool interior that makes them extra soft.
  3. "Shhhh there's a chance this is wine" for your wine lover and coffee lover. Bonus points if you put some delicious caramels inside. 

Valentine's Gift Guide

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