Trend: Tie Dye an Enduring trend

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Tie Dying fabrics has been around in some form or another for over 1500 years. (Yowza) It never really goes completely away, it is always out there somewhere. Being donned by rebels, the fashion conscious or rock stars. But then, there are the times when it becomes seriously trendy and embraced by the masses. With the lock downs and the pandemic it has kind of exploded. 

As we all hunkered down in the beginning of the Covid 19 pandemic, not knowing what the next months would bring. Everyone sat around, on the internet ordering tie dye sweatsuits. A perfect remedy for stomach lurching unease. 

But then, was it going to stay after 2020? As we have pulled ourselves into 2021, and the end of the pandemic seems in the horizon, many designers have pulled tie dye less psychedelic places, perhaps more wearable and approachable for a world outside of the house and I for one, am loving every flipping minute. 




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