Travel-the-World Flip-Flops

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As we get closer and closer to spring and summer and deeper into vacation season, we find more items that are ESSENTIAL for your vacays this year! When you travel, it is nice to have a pair of shoes that are comfy and easy to pack. These flip-flops are flat enough to pack nicely, but cushy enough to walk in whether it be on city streets or sandy beaches. Plus, these are all made from recycled yoga mats--so, you're helping the Earth while travelling the globe! Here are three vacay-ready little sandals:

1. Multi Floopi Yoga Mat Flip Flops

If you want a fun sandal to add a pop of colors to any outfit on your vacay--this is the one for you! Also, every color comes in sizes 6-11!

2. Black Floopi Yoga Mat Flip Flops

There is no going wrong with black. I mean, they go with everything! Plus, the little white polka dots add just a pinch of fun, without taking away from the nice neutral look to this one!

3. Leopard Floopi Yoga Mat Flip Flops

Looking for an extra fun pattern?! Leopard-print has got your back whenever you want something a little extra exciting!


Having trouble searching for these items in-store or through word search? Simply click on the images and clickable links included in each item's title! Remember, orders of $75 or more qualify for free shipping!

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