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5 Minute Hair Tutorial October 27, 2017 00:40


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Eye Make Up Tutorial: How I do it anyway. ;) October 20, 2017 12:40

I love seeing how my friends do different things. Especially when it comes to their everyday beauty recommendations. I like saving time. When you are a a super busy person, beauty can end up going by the wayside. BUT it doesn't have to be that way. I generally get my whole face done in 5 min. In the video I am chattering away like a squirrel, so it takes longer. ;)

1. Apply a gold tone to inside corner of eye

2. Apply a sheer sparkly white on brow bone

3. Apply Darkest color in outside corner.

4. Apply Medium toned color in the center of eye and use a brush to blend the colors together. 

Outfits we are loving! February 24, 2016 22:18

Outfits we are loving! Navy, Lime and mint

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Nude Shoes... Why they should be a wardrobe staple. June 10, 2015 00:00

Nude Shoes go with everything. Why you need a nude shoe in your wardrobe

Living in the community in which we are a part of at Boots & Heels we have a variety of women that come into the store to shop. Some love nude shoes just as much as we do and some have no clue why a nude shoe would benefit their wardrobe in any way. So here are 3 reasons you should have nude shoes in your closet.

Repurpose old dishes for organization May 21, 2015 09:50

Inexpensive bathroom decor and fun repurposing tips

The good majority of us have stuff. Like STUFF everywhere shoved in cupboards and storage spaces that we don't use but we simply can't part with because it was given to us by our Grandma or some other special person and we just can't part with it. But who seriously uses olive dishes? Maybe on Thanks Giving... but how about the rest of the year? Candy Dishes? I can't have candy in my house all the time, because I would then eat candy all the time. So those never get used either. But these items can take on a whole life after olives and candy for cute, stylish vintage organization tools for around the house. 

Tiny Tip: Purse Organization for cords May 19, 2015 17:02

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Tiny Tip: Improve the look of your legs with things you already have at home April 14, 2015 14:29

Improve the look of your legs with something, we are positive you already have at home. Click "read more" to see our video.