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Catch It Sale Going on This Weekend in Devils Lake January 22, 2020 10:36 1 Comment

It is like Winter Crazy Days! Pop into the Devils Lake Shop and find some great deals. We have shoes, belts, tops, jackets, sweaters, jeans and more starting at just $5... SERIOUSLY.
Then you can also pop around Downtown and visit some of our neighbors. We've heard that Quilt Essential, Slumberland, Lamotte's Paint & Glass, Thompson's Glass and Paint and Creative Impressions are having some fun sale too, just to name a few. Plus it is supposed to be gorgeous, so you can't go wrong with a little walk about Downtown. 
Hours of the Sale: Friday 10:00-5:30, Saturday 10:00-4:00
Address: 419 4th Ave NE, Devils Lake, ND (Right next to Creative Impressions or behind Leevers Grocery Store for those that have never visited us before) 
Phone: 701-544-0177

Outfits we are LOVING! Sweet floral May 20, 2017 14:50

Outfits we are loving: pretty florals
This sweet floral top can be paired with a bunch of different cardis, jackets or worn by itself for a cute, spring look. An accessory can be the difference between making it an outfit or making it seem like you just threw clothes on and ran out the door.... And seriously, I get the fact that you probably are like me and DID throw clothes on as you ran out the door, but no one will be the wiser if you choose an accessory to throw on too. ;) 
Note: A nude or taupe shoe goes well with EVERYTHING including black... So if you don't have one in your shoe collection, I would highly recommend you get on that... Like... Now..
Find out more about each piece:
Floral Button Back Top
Coral Cardi 
Cloud Cardi
Taupe Wedges

Repurpose old dishes for organization May 21, 2015 09:50

Inexpensive bathroom decor and fun repurposing tips

The good majority of us have stuff. Like STUFF everywhere shoved in cupboards and storage spaces that we don't use but we simply can't part with because it was given to us by our Grandma or some other special person and we just can't part with it. But who seriously uses olive dishes? Maybe on Thanks Giving... but how about the rest of the year? Candy Dishes? I can't have candy in my house all the time, because I would then eat candy all the time. So those never get used either. But these items can take on a whole life after olives and candy for cute, stylish vintage organization tools for around the house.