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Repurpose old dishes for organization

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Inexpensive bathroom decor and fun repurposing tips

The good majority of us have stuff. Like STUFF everywhere shoved in cupboards and storage spaces that we don't use but we simply can't part with because it was given to us by our Grandma or some other special person and we just can't part with it. But who seriously uses olive dishes? Maybe on Thanks Giving... but how about the rest of the year? Candy Dishes? I can't have candy in my house all the time, because I would then eat candy all the time. So those never get used either. But these items can take on a whole life after olives and candy for cute, stylish vintage organization tools for around the house. 

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Revamping your old stuff... Mirror Style

DIY Redo tips

Aqua Mirror DIY redo

I am a big fan of spending most of my extra money on clothing and shoes. Frankly, I have pretty much always been this way. But as an adult, you also like to make you home look nice and home decor can be expensive. An expense I would usually rather spend on a few cute new tops... But sometimes, with very little work and a very little budget you can have a fresh new look. 

Enter... the mirror. It was hanging in our bathroom when we moved into the house and I HATED it. It may have been others taste, but to me it felt like it belonged in a room staged...

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