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Pretty in Plaid October 2, 2015 15:35

Pretty in Plaid Fall 2015 Trends
In case you haven't noticed, plaid is kind of king (or should I say queen) for fall. While we are a huge fan plaid for fall, we are not a huge fan of the head to toe plaid that looks like you are visiting from a lumber jack camp. 

5 Way to wear it: Wide Scarf June 3, 2015 14:42

Summer is a great time to get the most out of your wardrobe. Use this post as an inspiration to get the most out of your scarves. We also have the fabulous Echo Scarves pictured in the store as well... But you get the idea. 

5 Ways to use summer scarves

Building a wardrobe you love May 27, 2015 00:00

Build a wardrobe you love with Amber Sander

If you are reading this, you can rest assured, I probably love ya. Like seriously, it probably means that you come into Boots & Heels or are one of our web friends. Which means you support small businesses and even my little family. So I can't help but love ya.  I personally pick and choose each and every item that comes into our boutique. So generally it is always something, I can see either myself or someone I know wearing. Picking these things mean I look at A LOT of clothing and shoes. A LOT. So I end up knowing few tips that I didn't know before I had the best job in the world. Here are 5 of my personal tips to building a wardrobe that you love. 

1. A wardrobe is not something you create in a days shopping trip. A wardrobe should be something built or cultivated. Your wardrobe is a reflection of you and your personal style. Your personal style

5 ways to keep your confidence Lakeside June 8, 2014 08:00

Wearing swimwear can make even the most confident person a little skittish and not want to come out of the water but we have some great tips that will make you feel confident and comfortable.

1. Find a great sunless tanner: Putting on an effective sunless tanner is a little like air brushing your skin and will totally help hide a few of the imperfections that drive you crazy.

2. Slather on the sunscreen if you want to avoid having more skin imperfections in the future sunscreen is going to be your best friend.  There is nothing attractive about red, irritated or peeling skin.

3. Find a fabulous swimsuit cover that makes you feel like a million bucks. You don't have to run around the whole time in just your suit, a cover can make you feel more comfortable while you "ease in" to the whole nearly naked in public thing. 

4. Add accessories, now I have seen on daytime talk shows where they accessorize with necklaces and high heels (but that is ridiculous and NOT real life unless you are going to a party) but a great pair of sunglasses, a nice floppy beach hat, a great pair of flat sandals (come on we are walking on sand/grass here). Can make you feel a lot more dressed, and that usually gives us all a confidence boost.

5. And the single most important tip: Make sure you swim suit fits and is not to small. You do not want anything cutting off circulation and creating bumps and lumps where you do not naturally have them.


Happy Lakeside hanging everyone!


3 Ways to wear it: Black Spring Knits March 18, 2014 08:58 1 Comment

If you have eyes in your head, you have probably seen that Black & White for Spring is huge this year.  I for one, LOVE black & white so I am a little biased on the whole thing.  Honestly though, how can you get any better? Crisp, clean color contrast that all can be pulled together effortlessly. It usually reminds me of classic beauties from throughout time.  To me dressing is simple.  If you put good pieces together and dress with a classic style, and your own personality in mind you will make it look effortless too.


In this first pic I am wearing the fine gauge spring knit dolman top with my old (seriously should be replaced) white boyfriend jeans.  This is one of my favorite types of outfits for running around town. I can go shopping, out to eat (nicer restaurants loose the holes), go down to the beach super comfy and because they are so light weight very cool.



I know a lot of people were thinking: "What pants! NO WAY!" So I decided to be brave and show off my white white legs. Sorry... :)  Here the same fine gauge black dolman is paired with a pair of white shorts, and a pair of coral sandals. Comfy and easy. I am sorry to say that it actually does not get any easier than black and white.



Now for the final look I wanted to show you what it with look like with tailored white trousers for work. But alas, I do not have any in my closet at the moment. So I am showing you what a long necklace would look like and asking you to imagine the trousers. 


I am telling you after wearing this sweater to take these pictures that one is absolutely coming home with me. SERIOUSLY like tonight :) This is a look EVERYONE can wear.  I have 2 kids, if I can wear white pants and shorts without ruining it so can you! A little bleach helps every once in awhile!


Plus: This spring sweater would look great with denim if you really desperately can't wear white.





When you have worn it seven thousand times. February 26, 2014 16:57

This winter I have had a black sweater that I have loved.  It has been the first thing I have worn practically every time it has been clean. But this morning, I sighed... I feel like I have worn it 7,000 times.  I didn't want to wear it.  But we all know that sometimes you have to push those basic items to that seven thousand and one mark.  I knew holding it up that I normally wear it with a certain scarf.  I had fallen into a comfort zone with it this winter. Black Sweater, black and grey scarf, how BORING.  At the beginning of the year it was sleek and streamlined but COME ON how do you not get bored with just black and grey.

But... It is still warm, it is still comfy and it looks cute.  Soooooo, we reach for the accessories in the closet.  I choose a pair of earrings I have not worn in forever, and a different scarf. I know, I know, there is nothing earth shattering about this, but it made me feel less grumpy putting it on. Because even though, I have had all 3 of the item, I had never worn them together in that way so it made the push to seven thousand and one. 

So the final thought:  Just because you have never worn it together doesn't mean it shouldn't go together.  Make sure you shake yourself out of your comfort zone "outfits" sometimes you just have to pair things differently and you have a whole new look for the day. Plus, next week when it is finally warmer, I will wear my black sweater with a skirt :)


But P.S. I am really excited about the new Women's Clothing at Boots & Heels! I am going to start working Spring stuff in with my winter stuff to feel less blah. :D