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5 Minute Hair Tutorial October 27, 2017 00:40


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Lipsense Review: Unbiased we don't sell it :) October 21, 2017 00:00

So this crazy Lipsense stuff. You can watch this 5-6 min video where I talk about Application. But I also have a few thoughts. 

  • The color really did stay on a long time, I mean, at the 10 hour image, you can still see some color on my lips and I did not apply it again. Not even once.
  • Nice color overall. I think that particular color would work well with a variety of different skin tones/teeth colors (I HATE when lip color makes my teeth look more yellowed than they are.. jimminy Christmas they don't need to look more yellowed than they are)


  • Tastes kinda chemically 

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