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Summer is great! But sweaty feet... not so much! We have a couple of great solutions! 

1. Give 'em a soak! Washing them off in the shower might not be doing quite enough. So if you are having a consistent stinky foot problem, try giving them a soak. For an added bonus, add just a couple of drops of Lavender Essential oil. Some claim it helps to relieve stress, but it also has some nice disinfecting properties as well. 

Summer foot solutions

2. Spray Deodorant.... SERIOUSLY it helps your underarms and will totally help your feet when socks aren't an option.

Stinky foot solutions

3. Fan of a little sneaker but not those silly little socks that don't stay on? Try a Sock-Free Savior! These insoles, can be cut to size to fit and are machine washable!

Sock free solutions

4. Wash the inside of your shoes! A tiny amount of dish liquid and water on a cloth, shouldn't bother most lining of shoes, but can help you get some of the dirt and grit that could be contributing to an unpleasant odor.

5. Give your shoes at least a 24 hour rest between wears. This helps to make sure all of the moisture from your tootsies are totally dried out before, wearing them again. It lessens the chances they are going to start breeding stinky bacteria. Which of course means you will need a couple more pairs of shoes... oh darn. ;) 

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