Style Goals for 2021


I think since the pandemic hit most of us have been in a slouchy version of autopilot. I love my clothes and accessories and putting them together. But then Covid hit and the world has felt kind of hum drum to me. Sure we have found ways of keeping busy at home but things certainly haven't been normal. And guys, I am going to be honest, life as the owner of a boutique and shoe store, when a lot of people aren't even leaving the house to go to work has had some pretty severe moments of suck. (Like a lump is forming in my throat as I write that). 

But sometimes you clothes can be a nice way to retreat into a mentality that feels more magical, to worry a little less about real life. And so... Style resolutions.

1. I want to do at least 75% of my outfits using the P.P.S method and NOT just do Monochromatic (because black has been far TO much of my life as of late) . 

2. I am going to wear more of what is in my closet, without wearing the exact same version of an outfit every week for a month. (There is nothing wrong with this if you do it, but I do it WAY to much in the winter)

3. I am going to use some of those new makeup skills I learned by watching hours of aimless videos on youtube when I was bored during quarantine. (Look up Robert Welsh, he is pretty much my fav he is a makeup artist with great technique tips) 

4. Wear more non denim bottoms. Because I am SUCH a jeans girl and I own the joint... I can wear jeans to work. But sometimes I notice I am wearing them far to much, like... do you own other bottoms? Of course you do! LoL

5. Not beat myself up if I don't meet all of the goals EXACTLY right. Like who cares right?! these are goals I set for myself. And humans as a species I think are far, far to hard on ourselves. 

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  • Mary Safgren on

    Looking forward to spring and cleaning my closet out. Need to make room for some new exciting pieces! I think that the new year and spring will give me time for renewal.

  • Diane on

    I love the sweatshirts you have … I bought one this summer and has been my go to all season. Sarah just added to her collection, so pretty. Katie share she picked up the camo shirt… so thank you for providing so many pretty, comfy options!!

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