Shopping in Downtown Devils Lake

Are you visiting Devils Lake and looking to have some fun! We love to give suggestions. Of course, we think that Boots & Heels is the BEST for shopping as we carry a great selection of quality women's clothing, shoes, and accessories, but we also have some fun friends in Downtown Devils Lake too.


Old Main, I worked here in high school, it was one of my favorite jobs ever, and I would recommend the Monte Cristo Sandwich and Sweet Potatoe Fries with Ranch (how midwestern of me) ;) 


Quilt Essential even for NON Quilters, for a fun gift item, I bought my brother an oven mit that says "make from scratch" with a fun pic of a cat. 

Lamotte's Paint and Glass: They have a gift department, and if you are visiting you might not think to pop into someplace named Paint and Glass, but there is usually something fun in there to see.

Rilos & Mimi: This local shop as some gift and kiddo items they aren't open every day, but usually Thurs-Saturday so give them a gander.


Of course, there are some other lovely businesses to pop in along the way as well. We love Downtown Devils Lake! 

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