Outfits we are LOVING: Kimono paired with shorts

Outfit Ideas: Kimono with shorts

So many of us like to layer, which is great, because it has many benefits. For one, a cardigan, kimono, jacket, blazer, all can help camouflage a tummy. Also, have you ever noticed that you get more compliments on your outfit when you are wearing layers? Seriously, it works nearly every time.

Think: Layer one + Top Layer + Bottom +Necklace or scarf = Put together

Since these shorts are a closer fit and a lighter color (making them more casual), I chose to pair them with a chiffon tank which dresses it up just a tish, and then layered on the kimono making this a pretty easy look for nearly anyone to pull off. 

Find out more about each piece here:




Necklace - The necklace featured is currently only available in our shop, but this links to some of our jewelry that is available on the web shop for you to peek at. 


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