Outfits we are LOVING: Denim on Denim

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Baseball tee layered with denim top and light wash denim We are LOVING this summery look. Denim on Denim is having quite the style resurgence. The key to doing this look, is to make sure that it looks intentional, just make sure that one of you denims is darker and one is significantly lighter, so it does not look like you trying to match.

More about each piece:

Button Down Shirts can and should be used on occasion as a second layering piece, like a jacket. Because why not?! It give you extra wardrobe combinations. 

Baseball Tee, these are those that go with summer just as much as fireworks on the Forth of July. They are are great paired with shorts and capri pants as well as long denim and great for running around and chasing your kiddos. Find out more about this baseball tee here.

Light wash denim is something we all start to gravitate toward as the weather gets warmer, which if FINALLY happening. This pair from Articles of Society is an "ankle length" and a "let down hem" and they are so soft they feel just like your favorite comfy jeans from summers past. Find out more about this pair by stopping into the shop.

Sandals... Sigh... The weather is finally here to do it. These are a mix of Grey and Taupe, which make them super versatile. Blowfish does a great job of making a comfortable sandal and at an attainable price point. So we recommend these highly. Check them out here.

Sunglasses... While we SHOULD wear them all year long for eye protection, we all tend to wear them more when the weather is warm. We always recommend a classic and versatile pair, like the Preverse Brand ones shown, but you can always have some fun, with sunglasses too. Check out this new collection in our stores in Devils Lake and Fargo.

Earrings. You can never go wrong with a stud. In fact, as a rule of thumb, make sure you always have a pair of earrings in when you leave the house. It is a super easy way of making you clothing feel more like an "outfit" as opposed to just clothes. They don't have to be expensive, the earring pictured are tiny mountains and are only 9.99. If Mountains aren't your thing we have several different studs to choose from, from fox, pigs, arrows and more. They are tiny anyway, so you can be a little quirky with it. :) Check out our Jewelry here. 

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