Outfits we are loving: Comfy and Casual

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Outfits we are loving: comfy casual dress
I am a huge fan of stuff that is cute, but I also want to feel comfortable. This hoodie dress from Neesha, does a nice job, it is fully lined with a soft fabric and the bottom rests about mid thigh, so it is perfect to pair with your favorite leggings and simple booties. 
This outfit is pretty easy to wear to work, if you are say a teacher (even elementary it washes well), church or even coffee with a friend. It isn't overly fussy just a put together look, with pieces that can also be paired with a other items that are in your wardrobe. Also, I would add a simple earring, because it is nearly my rule that I don't leave the house without SOMETHING on my ears. ;)
Find out more about each item here: 
Leggings - Pop in the store! These are super comfy!

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