Outfits we are LOVING April 12, 2018 22:52

Whimsical Sleeves and Classic White

Outfits we are loving, whimsical sleeves, crisp white denim
This top has pretty and whimsical sleeves and that just make it feel more fun and a little trendy, and you can NEVER go wrong with a white bottom, during warmer weather months, I know, I know, I am going to get comments "Amber I can't wear white, but ya know what... yes you can. You won't spill on yourself... or if you do... bleach ;) 

Find out more about each piece here:
Strappy Heeled Sandals - The more I see these the more I LOVE them. At first I was like "they are ok" and now I WANT them. Because the truth is they are a basic shoe, with not to high of a heel that will go with everything in your closet for warm weather. 
Denim Top with fun sleeves - A little bit of a trend here, but no soooo trendy that you can wear it in a couple months either. ;) 
White Jean-ish Leggings - These are from Spanx and are VERY much leggings, not pants, but they are super amazing leggings.