Outfits we are LOVING

Whimsical Sleeves and Classic White

Outfits we are loving, whimsical sleeves, crisp white denim
This top has pretty and whimsical sleeves and that just make it feel more fun and a little trendy, and you can NEVER go wrong with a white bottom, during warmer weather months, I know, I know, I am going to get comments "Amber I can't wear white, but ya know what... yes you can. You won't spill on yourself... or if you do... bleach ;) 

Find out more about each piece here:
Strappy Heeled Sandals - The more I see these the more I LOVE them. At first I was like "they are ok" and now I WANT them. Because the truth is they are a basic shoe, with not to high of a heel that will go with everything in your closet for warm weather. 
Denim Top with fun sleeves - A little bit of a trend here, but no soooo trendy that you can wear it in a couple months either. ;) 
White Jean-ish Leggings - These are from Spanx and are VERY much leggings, not pants, but they are super amazing leggings. 

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