Outfit Formula: Pop of Color Casual

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Outfit type: Pop of Color Casual = Pattern + Color + Shine + Basic

There are a few different "Outfit Formulas" you can keep in your arsenal. This is just a guideline you can play with. Don't have a colored jacket? Make your bottoms be the pop of color, or your shoe instead and fill in the other pieces around that. Often times my earrings or a scarf is my pattern. Pick the piece you want to wear today the most and build your outfit around it using these elements. 
Pattern Examples: Leopard Print Earring, Classic Burberry-esk scarf, Patterned Blouse, Polka Dot pants
Color Examples: Purple Earrings, Red Shoes, Yellow Scarf, Green Jacket
Shine Examples: Earrings, Necklace, Jacket with a shinny adornment, broach 
Basics Examples: Leggings, Basics Tees, Solid Color Blouse, Solid Color Shoe

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