I own a Midwest Boutique, these things in my shopping bags recently

I think people think that as the owner of the stores I have a lot of clothes and a lot of shoes. I mean but THATs a little subjective... what would be a lot to some people, could be a little to me and visa versa.... Right? ;) 

In this past week I have done my Spring Closet Clean out (added some more shoe shelving whoop!) and added some new items that I need to make my wardrobe transition from cool weather to warmer Spring.

I am also a seemingly cold blooded person, so I layer. And I believe strongly in Spring knits. So the first sweater I snagged up was this pretty from Jupee. The fabric is brushed so it is super soft, like, you want to pet your arms soft. But features a blue and white tie dye pattern so it is super on trend. So far I've paired it with some of my shorter brown shoes, kick flair jeans and a white v neck tee. But am so excited to wear it with sandals when it gets a little warmer. 

This kimono like blew me away when I first seen it. So I was on the look out for tie dye, because it is such a big trend this year and I LOVE me so black and white. So this was just the perfect combo. I have worn it so far open with jeans and graphic tee, but I am also excited that because of the buttons, I could even wear i closed over a dress and have a completely different look. Then, when out wandering at a farmers market on a warm summer morning wear it with a tee, shorts and sandals. 

Some things will look great in pictures and then be more disappointing in person. But this Spring knit actually was WAY better in person than the pics. This color block sweater is a perfect way to wear grey if grey typically washes you out. The white on top keeps the grey far enough from your face and makes it totally wearable.  I am excited to wear this one by itself and even under Spring jackets and have it really be a "workhorse" in my spring wardrobe. Because it will go with so much there aren't many outfits it won't work for. 

Orange is a super hot color for Spring and orange and I have a little bit funny of a relationship for the fact that I don't really like it. lol. I had this massively favorite sweater that was orange in middle school, I wore it all the time, loved it, took a picture in it and have had to stare at that ugly sweater every time I sit my mother's dining room for the last like 20 years. Sooo..... I'm weird and have hang ups and not such a fan. But Blowfish put out some sandals they call Pomegranate this year. It is a very orangy red and I am all about it. They will be a great "pop of color" for outfits, because as you can see from above, I am big fan of "base colors" and enjoy wearing shades of black, blue and white. 

Then, there is this pretty that we are starting to run out of. It was technically a fall piece, but because the knit was so large it didn't sell super well in the cold months. I had been intending on buying it and just hadn't, so i finally did. But how cute would this sweater look for work?! Yup it is now tucked safely in my sweater cubby and I've already worn it with my praline pecan patent pumps that have become a super fav.

Now don't worry, I will get tank tops and stuff eventually too. But like I said I am cold like alllllll the time. So this is the start of new for Spring. Have you started to transition your wardrobe over yet? Let me know if the comments.


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