How do do oversized without looking frumpy

Oversized is such a thing this year. I don't know if it is just because of the fact that fashion in general has gotten a little sloppier because we have fewer places to go, but the oversized movement is something I can get behind because pretty much everyone can do some form of oversized wear and make it work. It just is about proportion and with anything less is more.

Choose 1 oversized item at at time!

Like one big chunky sweater, and then go firmer fitting other places. There is a reason, people have been wearing oversized sweaters with leggings forever. It typically works. So do:

oversized coat + skinny jeans = Good

super wide leg, oversized pants + well fitted top = Good

Then choose a shoe that helps balance it out. If you wear an oversized top, go a little chunkier with the shoes: military boot, chunky heels, tall boot. If you wear an oversized pant and a more fitted shirt, go with a sleeker shoe: pointy toes, skinny heels, less bulky bottoms. So for your outfit do: 

oversized coat + skinny jeans + Chunky Shoe = Balanced

super wide leg, oversized pants + well fitted top + Sleeker Shoe = Balanced

And don't forget to add a pieces of jewelry for some shine. ;) 


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