Have you heard? Twinning is ANNOYING

What is "twinning"? This is when you are walking along and see someone else in your same outfit. Blah... One of the major benefits of shopping with Boots & Heels is that we order limited amounts of tops and dresses. This means that in a community of less than 9,000 people, PLUS we sell online, we don't order huge quantities so you won't see yourself everywhere you go. Because seriously... ANNOYING

My personal story: I had recently bought a new dress at a place that rhymes with Claurices.... and decided to wear it to my Sister and Brother-in-Laws vowel renewal. Other than the Bride, the only women in attendance were my Mother-in-Law, myself and my Sister-in-Law's Best Friend. But guess what? Best friend and I were wearing the same exact dress! My Mother-in-Law making light of the situation joked, that we looked like brides maids! Neither Best Friend or I were impressed. Grrrr

We want our wardrobes to be our own. We all want to feel special and unique, because we are SPECIAL and unique. Every single one of us. So, it is one of our missions at Boots & Heels to help you feel special and awesome at every wardrobe turn.

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