Fall Style Report: Standout Looks Mocked... slightly

Perusing some of my favorite magazines, while I am drinking my coffee this morning. No big surprise to most of you there. ;) But I seriously almost spit my coffee out at the screen laughing at a "standout look" from London that was a lady wrapped in what looked like a large comforter from her bed. The reason I probably thought this was the most funny, is that my Dad, like many of yours I'm sure, slept in his tighty whities. So if someone unexpectedly came to the door before he was awake (which happened if he was on call for machinery breakdowns) he would wrap himself in the blanket from his bed to answer the door. Which is, way better than answering the door in just your underwear... no argument there. I snapped a pic of it to my Mom, because HELLO my Dad was a fashion genius way ahead of his time. 

So Fashion Shows outfits are fun to look at because the outfits are literally art. They aren't "Ready to Wear" on the street by any means. Usually I can look at this art work and get an idea of how the look could be tamed down for people to wear in their daily lives.... This morning, that look... still has me scratching my head. But the point here, is that the clothing they show in the vast majority of old school fashion shows is art that isn't necessarily created for "Danielle who works at a bank" to wear everyday. The Fashion Show is generally a way for the designer to show the world the Art and magic of clothing. Then their "Ready to wear" collections are pieces and little bits that you can wear for your everyday.  

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