Fab Friends Front Page: January 24th, 2020

Fab Friends Frontpage

Hi There! 

Thanks for opening my little version of our E-Zine. ;) This week, we have a look book, an easy recipe for the Super Bowl, New Arrivals in the shops and a Spring Trend Report. 

As you probably know I got back from Market over the weekend and I can definitively say I am already looking forward to next fall. HA, there are SO many patterns it should be a lot of fun to mix into our wardrobes.

Spring is just starting to trickle into the shops here (Because frankly, it is still quite cold here) But what we are seeing is:

Cardigans: Any shape, any color, any size. This staple is back everywhere in a big way. From celebrity shots out and about to the average us on the street. 

Distressed Hems: While I love my solid, classic nondestructive, dark wash skinnies, and they aren't going anywhere, there is a push for more medium wash blues with destructed hems and a little more casual vibe. That just feels lighter and more fun for Spring. If you got our PreOrder email earlier this week, you saw a prime example of what I am talking about. 

Leather Everything: Yup even going into Spring. I am for the most part still doing vegan leathers in classic colors like black and taupe at the shops, but if you look at some of the "as seen on the street" portions of this month's fashion mags there is leather in every color and shape you can imagine. 

Neon: Ok, I haven't decided HOW to bring this trend in yet. We are talking highlighter type colors. You will have to let me know what you think of this. ;) 

Hoops, hoops and more hoops. On your ears at some point during this Spring, try out a hoop. They are fun classic and one of my personal favorites.

Thank you for caring and I hope to see you soon.

Fabulously Yours,

Easy Recipe: Crock Pot Pulled Pork

Get my recipe for Pulled Pork to Serve during the Super Bowl here.

Outfit Inspiration

New Arrivals

View New Arrivals

I LOVE Downtown Fargo, but where do I park?! 

There are 3 options I suggest for Parking Near us if street parking Right right out front isn't available (And it usually is during the week).

Read about where to Park in Downtown Fargo Here

P.S. Parking in Downtown Devils Lake is rarely difficult, but I will try and remember to do a blog post for our next event. :) 

3 Boots You still need:

Clarks Camzin Halle

These cute oiled leather boots will look great with the destructed hems for Spring. And plus, where we live, those toes generally have to stay covered longer than the rest of the country. With a comfy footbed, you can walk for miles.  Find out more about this boot here

Clarks Military-Inspired Boots

The Orinocco Spice Boot is a comfortable, classic. We have used it in a ton of our Outfit Inspirations, and it is surely a boot that can take you into Spring. Wear it over or under your favorite denim and if your personality strikes even wear them with a long skirt.  Find out more

Cute Open Cut Out Shoe-tie 

These adorable little "Shoe-tie" is a fantastic option to wear with tons of stuff in your closet. Your favorite rolled denim, ankle denim, kick flare length and more.  Find out more

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