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Hey Fab Friend! 

I am so excited that we are done with the month of January! That means just a COUPLE months of snow left. And we are totally done. Of course, this still means we HAVE snow, so a couple of our New Arrivals are still light sweaters because some of us are getting quite tired of what we have in our wardrobes, aren't we?! 

This week, I'm handing you a couple of delicious Champagne Punch recipes so drink with the girls or maybe even hosting game night.  Then we have our weekly look book, some of the fun outfits my team has put together for to give you a little wardrobe inspiration, as well as the anatomy of one of my favorite types of outfits, 3 Earrings you need in your life STAT, plus scroll to the bottom there is a little gift for you. ;) 

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Outfit type: Pop of Color Casual
= Pattern + Color + Shine + Basic

There are a few different "Outfit Formulas" you can keep in your arsenal. This is just a guideline you can play with. Don't have a colored jacket? Make your bottoms be the pop of color, or your shoe instead and fill in the other pieces around that. Often times my earrings or a scarf is my pattern. Pick the piece you want to wear today the most and build your outfit around it using these elements. 
Pattern Examples: Leopard Print Earring, Classic Burberry-esk scarf, Patterned Blouse, Polka Dot pants
Color Examples: Purple Earrings, Red Shoes, Yellow Scarf, Green Jacket
Shine Examples: Earrings, Necklace, Jacket with a shinny adornment, broach 
Basics Examples: Leggings, Basics Tees, Solid Color Blouse, Solid Color Shoe
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3 Earrings You need STAT

1. Hoops! Really ALL the hoops. These are a little wider, so they give a pop of shine, but hug close to your ear. 
2. Everyday stud: Some sort of stud for every day. These would be a "go-to" to throw on even if you are just running to the grocery store. (We all know that is when you run into everyone you have ever met, ever... anyway) 
3. Something with a pearl. There is something about Valentine's Day that always makes me want to throw it back to classic with pearls. But these particular pretties do a little twist on the classic look, so they feel fresh. 

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Thanks for reading! It means so much. Truly. Here is a little present for you. Just show in the Devils Lake or Fargo shop. You can also use this online by using code: galentine5 at checkout. ;) 
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