Escape Rooms: What do we really know about them?

Guest Post by Kay Cameron, Co-Creator Puzzled Escape Room, Downtown Fargo, ND


Did you know Escape Rooms are a real-world activity inspired by the virtual world? In the 1990s, there were computer games where you searched rooms to find things like keys, decoders, and information to solve puzzles and open locked spaces to find more and solve the mystery of the adventure. I recall a playing one with gray walls and brown wooden doors, all part of a castle you got to explore on your computer. 


The first modern Escape Room game was opened in Kyoto, Japan by SCRAP in July 2007. They opened one room that held 4 to 6 players. 
The first American based company opened in Seattle, Washington by Puzzle Break in August 2013. Now over nearly 13 years later, there are over 14,000 in the world. The Fargo area is home to four companies with 18 rooms. 

I love that I’m part of a business that gets people to unplug, engage and have fun, all inspired by the 1990’s computer games. It’s fun to see things created for computers to inspire hands-on tangible things-to-do. 

I love that with our business we are getting people away from their screen and having fun.
About the Author:
Kay Cameron is Co-Creator of Puzzled Escape Rooms and feels lucky to get to combine her creative ideas with the love of entertaining people and helping them see what makes them special. 

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