Beauty Bag: My current 30's skincare

I am by no means a skin care expert. And let me say, I am not affiliated, nor will I earn any sort of commission for recommending any of these things. Sometime it is sooooo hard to know where to even start that is nice when you know what a friend is doing.

Everyone's skin is different, and entering my 30s my hormones went on some sort of massive surge that caused super crazy acne on my chin at all ALL times. And the popping (oh my gosh that makes it so much worse) and I have finally settled on a skin care routine that works for me. So, feel free to read and see if any of this works for you. (Or you might hate it, or have really strong opinions for different brands and that is totally cool, feel free to comment with your tips and tricks) We all need to find what works for us. Plus it isn't terrible to shake it up once and while either. 


Wash with a gentle cleanser 

Then a few times a week, after my gentle cleanse I will also cleanse my acne prone areas with an acne wash that contains salicylic acid. But I leave dry zones of my face alone. I don't want to be harsh on areas that don't need it. 

Then, after the shower, I use a tone perfecting serum. I have tried a few different ones (because I do still have a little discoloration, this hasn't taken care of) But I am currently using the Olay serum below and I do like how light it feels on my skin: 

Then I recently started this Clinique Moisture Surge Eye stuff. I did get this free as a gift when I bought my favorite foundation and I think I am going to continue with it. I really do like it. 

Then time to moisturize, I love this stuff! I use the extra dry stuff in the winter, but when summer comes I may switch back the regular one that isn't formulated for extra dry skin during the day. 

Makeup Primer time: Currently I am using this one, I seen it reviewed as a cheap, drug store option from a couple of different makeup bloggers I follow and I kind of fell in love with it. My problem with it, is it doesn't have spf in it. (But right now my foundation does so whatever) This helps cover up the massive pores on my nose! Most other makeup primers that I have used, haven't actually helped that part. 

Then makeup, ranging from very little, to a decent amount.  I generally love makeup but some mornings I love sleep more and I am always running late. lol



Take the makeup off. 

Gentle Wash again

Time for wrinkle care. Because... 30's

Wait a bit (Generally I brush my teeth in the part of the step to  save time), then moisturize


Then once or twice a week, I use this peel, between the gentle wash and wrinkle care stage in the evening. I make sure to not use the acne wash the next morning after I do this either. I don't want to over strip and exfoliate my skin so it gets irritated.

 So that's it! The most expensive thing I am using right now is $35. The ordinary products were super highly reviewed and are REALLY inexpensive. 


Note: If you would like to do a guest post about how you do your skin care, feel free to email me at I'm sure other Fab Friends would love to hear what you do!


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