What Colors look best on you?

What color are the veins on your wrists?

    1. Blue-ish
    2. Green-ish
    3. Hard to tell

    If you hold a white piece of paper up to your chest what colors stand out from your skin?

    1. Blue & Pink
    2. Green & Gold
    3. Hard to tell

     When you are in the sun do you burn easily?

    1. Yes
    2. No
    3. Sometimes burn and sometimes tan

    What color are your finger nail beds?

    1. Pink or Blueish
    2. Peachy or Yellow-gold
    3. Hard to tell


    All 1’s? You likely have a cool skin tone

    All 2’s? You likely have a warm skin tone

    All 3’s or just a mix? You are a neutral


    Cool Skin tones:


    Now determine your “Season of color”


    Summer: You have blue and red undertones to your skin making you a “Cool Skin tone” and your hair does not sharply contrast with the color of your skin. I.E You have light toned skin and blonde hair, or dark toned skin and dark hair.

    Winter: Your hair sharply contrasts with your skin color i.e. pale skin and dark hair.



    Warm Skin Tones:


    Now determine your “Season of color”


    Spring: You have a “Warm Skin tone” and have straw colored or strawberry colored hair


    Autumn: You have “Warm skin tones” and have Brown toned, Dark Red or Golden Blonde hair.


    What to wear:



    • Choose colors like soft blues and pinks, cool browns or taupe.
    • Be careful with black
    • Recommended Base Color: Brown, Navy or Grey

    Summer Color Palatte


    • Choose colors that have a stark contrast and are either really bright or really deep hued
    • Be careful with pastels, gold and orange
    • Recommended Base Color: Black, Brown, Navy

    Winter Color Palatte



    • Choose colors that have a dusty or bright such as light moss or bright coral.
    • Be careful with black.
    • Recommended Base Color: Khaki, Navy, Grey



    • Choose colors that are rich and warm such as olive, camel and golden browns.
    • Be careful with Icy blues and pastels.
    • Recommended Base Color: Black, Brown, Navy



    Hey, lucky duck, you can pull off most any color, just decide what you like best and go with it.


    What if I like a color but it isn’t “recommended” for me?

     Don’t sweat. Wear what you love, if you like it… who the heck cares, it is YOUR wardrobe after all. If you love a color but feel it washes you out, simply wear the color with an accessory (scarf, necklace or earrings) in a color from your recommendations to help bring that color to your face. For example, if you love black, but are a cool/summer and have to be careful with black, throw on a coral necklace to keep some color by your face and you will look fabulous.


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