5 Ways to make Winter more tolerable ;)

Make winter nights more tolerable
The inevitable chilly days of January are upon us. We live in North Dakota... What do we really expect?! But there are some very fun cozy ways of staying warm that can be kind of fun too.

1. Indoor game night at my house Monopoly Junior and some cupcake challenge game are the favs... But we are all working with different age groups. ;)
2. Hot Cocoa and tea. Holding your hands around a big cup of warm almost make the winter tolerable. Not to mention.. If you are of drinking age you may always choose to put a couple ounces of Bailey's Irish Cream into your cocoa. That is one of my little pleasures.
3. Fleece lined everything - Leggings, tops, blankets whatever :) We have fleece lined leggings and tops in our online and brick and mortar store. 
4. Movie Nights! Either stop and grab a movie at your favorite rental place or stream them. Movie Nights are always fun.
5. Book Night Cuddles of the Dog/Cat variety or even the kiddos. My kids and I just finished Bunnicula which we read aloud. We all got a good laugh out of it. 

These are just 5 of the ways that my family and I pass some of the winter nights. Please feel free to add to our list by commenting below!

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