3 Reasons to love a pointed black stiletto

  1. It elongates the leg. Seriously, I am a short 5'3" tall and my legs have never been my favorite feature, but a pointed toe will take the visual line of your leg longer. Which then makes you appear taller and slimmer.... There isn't anything wrong with that!
  2. It goes with everything. Yes, yes you can wear it with skirts and dresses but to elevate even a simple pair of jeans... you automatically look a little more chic.
  3. It can be worn to almost any occasion: weddings, work, job interviews, dinner, and drinks! How many other shoes do you know of that can do that?

A great example of a Pointed Black Stiletto? Clarks Dalhart Sorbet this is one of the absolute most comfortable examples of a stiletto. 

The most comfortable Black stiletto

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