5 Reasons to Wear Earrings Everyday

Earrings can be one of the highest impact accessories you can wear. I generally wear a pair of earrings everyday. Here are 5 Reasons to grab yourself a pair of earrings and rock them.

1. Long Earrings can create length and make your face appear slimmer. 

2. Creating Symmetry. Did you know one of the reasons Marilyn Monroe is considered so beautiful is the symmetry to her face? This is true with other people we admire for their beauty as well.

3. Easily add a Pop of color! Is your outfit missing one of the Key P.P.S. Method elements? Add a colorful earring and look more put together.

4. Missing a Pattern to your outfit? Add a patterned leather pair for example and it will turn your all solid outfit, into something more interesting. 

5. The can change the tone of any outfit easily. Fancier earrings can dress up a casual outfit. While a more simple earring can make something fancy more sleek or simple. 

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