5 Go-To Family Activities in the Winter

  1. Sledding: When it gets nice enough to venture outside you usually can't beat the laughs of a "reasonably" sized sledding hill. I say reasonably sized because this Mom is the biggest chicken in my whole family when it comes to sliding down a hill on a piece of plastic. 
  2. Ice Skating: Snag some skates (you can get used one pretty reasonable at places like Play it Again Sports if you aren't a die-hard) and take advantage of one of the outdoor skating rinks your winter city is bound to have. Fargo, ND has a seemingly endless supply put up by the local park board. 
  3. Escape Rooms: There is a cost involved with these but it is nice that for the most part, the whole family can join in the fun. Fargo has 4 different companies with over 18 rooms to choose from.
  4. Puzzles at home: I can't believe how much my kids actually like this. They are currently 12 and 10. Last winter their Grandmother brought us a puzzle knowing there was an impending doom blizzard coming and they LOVED putting it together. So it is now something we regularly do when the weather gets cold.  You can find puzzles in many big box or craft stores I purchased our most recent one at Michaels in Fargo, and there are so many to choose from you are bound to find SOMETHING your fam can do. 
  5. Library Field Trip: My kids love the library. Both when we lived in Devils Lake and now that we live in Fargo. They enjoy getting to go. Not only can they check out books, but movies and even games (which I had no idea about until recently)

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