5 Gift Ideas Under $15

We all need those white elephant, teacher gifts, Just to say I'm thinking of you, Quarantine is the pits gifts that don't cost a lot, but are also usable and not just more junk to cram their house full of. So here is a list of 5 totally usable gifts all under $15.

1. Flat Socks - These great insoles are perfect for wearing with shoes you don't want to wear a sock with. Moisture wicking and machine washable, a lot of people haven't seen anything like these before, so they make a great little gift. They will just trim them to fit into their shoes and off they go. (I have 3 pairs myself)



Check them out here

2. Lump of Coal - Know some that has been naughty? Well they have coal going in their stockings. ;) Ok, these are just a cute, yet totally usable git. The bag contains 6 Charcoal Deodorizers, that when twisted to activate can deodorize all of your tough to get into areas, like shoes, diaper bags, lockers, hockey bags... the list goes on. 

Check them out here

3. Socks - I know as kids we all I'm sure let out a sigh or two about getting socks, but as adults?! Cute socks are like THE thing. Usable, cute and sometimes hilarious they make for a fun and inexpensive ($6-7) gift.


Take a peek through our socks here

4. Mug - I don't frankly care what my husband says, you can always use more mugs. (This is a long standing argument we agree to disagree on lol) We have these cute black and white mugs right now and some others that are just hilarious, so there is sure to be one for someone on your list.

Peek at Mugs

5. Facemask Refresher - 2020 has been weird. I mean I don't any of us can disagree about that. And while the facemasks are quite necessary in many situations, the stink doesn't have to be. Check out this spray. It contains alcohol and a light scent to make you mask smell lovely. Spritz it on, wait 2 min for the alcohol to dissipate an vola a much more pleasant mask experience. 

Find them here

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