5 Back to School "Teacher" Shoes

You can never go wrong with classic styles. This shoe comes in black and tan, but it has the fun update of the white bottom.  (Browse Shoes)

OMG you guys this was MY Shoe back in the early "00s and I am soooo excited they are back.  (Browse Shoes)

A great ballet flat is always good to have in your wardrobe these are just a little extra because of their cute cut out. We've got these in 3 different colors! (Browse Shoes)

Alright. Black Ballet flats are great, but sometimes you just need a little different of a color. And these are the most gorgeous latte in color. They make you want to stop by the Liquid Bean on the way to work.  (Browse Shoes)

Fall can still have some really HOT days. And these loafers have stylish cut outs that are nearly like wearing a dressy, closed toe sandal. (Browse Shoes)


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