Classic Houndstooth Redone

Fall is such a great time for style. Most of us seem to love the transition in our wardrobes. We welcome the ability to layer, when in the summers we have had to stay cool, now with the air turning crisp we get to don our scarves, sweaters and jeans. 

We can stand in our cozy attire and look out the window to see the leaves changing while we wonder what kind of winter we will have. It seems when we are young, it isn't "cool" to be warm, many kids refuse to wear warm boots or jackets, but as we hit our twenties we finally realize being cold isn't "cool" at all. There are so many ways to be stylish and warm at the same time.

This fall season we are seeing a huge trend in "blanket" scarves with are extra thick scarves that bulk around the neck. Many of these scarves can double as a shoulder wrap if your arms get chilly. It makes so much sense when so many of us start attending foot ball games and going to pumpkin patches that we have some clothing that can be worn a few different ways to keep us warm. 

Our recent blanket scarf addition is in a classic houndstooth.  Wear it up around the neck, around the shoulders or dig out a broach and pin it at the shoulder to wear it more like poncho. You will look effortlessly stylish. And isn't that the way we all want to appear?

With Love, Amber

Houndstooth Blanket Scarf wear around the neck or shoulders, it is always chic and stylish

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