5 Steps to Ready your wardrobe for fall

5 Steps to Ready your wardrobe for fall

Alright ladies, lets face it. We all probably let our organization go a little over the summer. We got all organized for spring and then slowly over the course of our busy summers, everything is out of place and disorganized. Lets make mornings easy and put stuff in its proper place.

1. Clean out your closet: Anything stained, ripped or worn get ride of it

2. Refold/wash/steam anything that may get getting a little wrinkled or stale from not being used. Because lets face it before we know it those sweaters will be getting used, whether we are ready or not.

3. Organize the stuff in your closet by categories, tops, blazer/jackets/outerwear, pants, dresses that way the items you want are easy to find so you are not moving or rifling around in things to make them disorganized again in a week.

4. Any shoes you plan on using again this fall make sure to wipe them clean with a damp cloth, after they dry it would certainly be a good idea to put a leather oil on any smooth leather. Moisture and sidewalk salt are not good for leather. And if you want to have an amazing long lasting shoe collection... Take care of it.

5. Start scrutinizing over what you need to add to make your wardrobe easy and work for you. Do you have a ton of solids? Try adding a patterned scarf or top. What accessories are you lacking? Did you favorite pair of pants from last winter finally get to worn to wear? Going into stores with a plan or talking to a stylist you trust to be honest with you are great steps to building a wardrobe you love.

We hope to see you soon! We LOVE fall!

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