Best Accessories for Summer

Summer has so many great accessories. I know we stand on our soap boxes and scream this all the time... But Accessories are the single easiest way to change up your wardrobe for a great deal less money than only buying new outfits. Accessories can change your look quickly by dressing things up or down.
  1. Statement Necklace - Whatever color strikes your fancy, go looking for and get one. This can update your look for cocktails or even work when paired with a jacket. Our color tip is to go with a contrasting color to what you normally wear in your clothing. Do you wear a lot of navy or blues? Then go with a great pink or coral necklace so it really pops.
  2. Dangle Earrings - Many shapes and lengths are totally acceptable to fill this accessory space. The example above is a great subtle mint and brown. Do you wear a lot of Navy, White or Coral? This color scheme can be your best friend for getting the most traction from a small amount of pieces. 
  3. Make Up Bag - We all know that summer can wreak a little havoc on our skin care and make up regimens but by keeping a few of our make up and skin care must haves together in a great bag like this one from Rilos & Mimi we can worry about it a little less.

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