5 Way to wear it: Wide Scarf

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Summer is a great time to get the most out of your wardrobe. Use this post as an inspiration to get the most out of your scarves. We also have the fabulous Echo Scarves pictured in the store as well... But you get the idea. 

5 ways to wear scarves, swimsuit cover up

First off, use as a swimsuit cover to tie around your waist. This is perfect for when you are going on vacation and needs to pack a little lighter. Note: I am NOT wearing a swimsuit, this is for inspiration only. If I ever do post pictures of myself in a swimsuit on our blog promptly send me to a doctor because I must have something wrong with me ;)

5 ways to wear it scaves as swimsuit covers

The second way is also wearing it over a swimsuit. (Again use your imagination) 

5 ways to wear it. Scarves as swimsuit covers

Another way to use it as a swimsuit cover by tying it around your neck. 

5 ways to wear scarves as a shawl for special occasions

Why not use as a wrap over a dress for special events or even just going out to diner? If you are going on vacation and need to pack a little lighter it is a major positive.

So many ways to wear scarves. Here are 5

Finally wear it just as a scarf. :) Scarves paired with just a light t-shirt and sandals in the summer can be a great way to make you look a little more put together, accessories always do. 

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