Repurpose old dishes for organization

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The good majority of us have stuff. Like STUFF everywhere shoved in cupboards and storage spaces that we don't use but we simply can't part with because it was given to us by our Grandma or some other special person and we just can't part with it. But who seriously uses olive dishes? Maybe on Thanks Giving... but how about the rest of the year? Candy Dishes? I can't have candy in my house all the time, because I would then eat candy all the time. So those never get used either. But these items can take on a whole life after olives and candy for cute, stylish vintage organization tools for around the house. 


The Olive Dish that has been sitting around waiting for Thanks Giving can be used to catch accessories on top of a dress or vanity.

Repurpose old dishes


A simple candy dish can be used to catch bobby pins or hair things instead of throwing them into the bottomless pit that is the bathroom drawer.

Repurpose old candy Dish and organize hair things


Or use that candy dish on a table or shelf in an entry to catch your keys as you come in the door.

Entry decor, reuse that old candy dish


My favorite... Use a box of "junk" your Grandfather sent you home with, to store cotton balls, makeup remover pads and Q-tips for accessible and cute storage for the bathroom. (I am actually fairly positive the pumpkin shaped jar was a covered candle at some point). 

inexpensive bathroom organization and decor


The point is, play with the stuff you have tucked away. It can make your house feel more like home, to see the junk... er... family heirlooms instead of tucking them away. If you don't have heirlooms, go thrifting. There is always a good one within walking distance of fun boutiques. ;)

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