Revamping your old stuff... Mirror Style May 14, 2015 13:07

I am a big fan of spending most of my extra money on clothing and shoes. Frankly, I have pretty much always been this way. But as an adult, you also like to make you home look nice and home decor can be expensive. An expense I would usually rather spend on a few cute new tops... But sometimes, with very little work and a very little budget you can have a fresh new look. 

Enter... the mirror. It was hanging in our bathroom when we moved into the house and I HATED it. It may have been others taste, but to me it felt like it belonged in a room staged like a medevial castle completely not the comfy and classic style I usually go for.

Before cheap DIY redo

So we had taken it down from the bathroom, long thinking it was just due for the rummage sale pile. I had seen a fun mirror in a catalog that was a great aqua blue color, but it was $350.  Which was not going to be in my home decor budget in any near moment. But I always tell my husband that spray paint is the answer for most things. At which point he usually rolls his eyes. But spray paint is most always under 5 bucks...

To redo the Mirror:

1. Make sure the mirror and frame are completely clean and dry.

2.Use plastic bags and painters tape to protect the parts that you do not want spray painted. This is REALLY important. Spray paint is not easy to remove.

3. Take it outside, I use upside down flower pots to hold it up off the ground, so I can get to all sides evenly.

4. Spray it, in slow side to side motions, holding the can about 10 inches from the surface.

5. You will need to do multiple coats, this time it took me 3 coats for the look I desired. Wait 2 hours between each coat.

Then... Tada! I can't wait until I find a table to go underneath... And paint the walls... Projects are never ending :)

After cheap DIY redo

What do you think? How often does your husband roll his eyes at the mention of Pinterest?