2022 Trends

1. Red. 

If you watched the Oscars, and chances are you watched at least one little scene play out... there was sooooo much red on the Red Carpet! But we've got a much more day time friendly red top, we just love!

2. Stripes
There are stripes everywhere right now, whether black and white like this example or multi colored.
3. Vintage Inspired Detail
Whether romantic or fun, Vintage Inspired Detail is everywhere. I personally love lace. 
4. Denim
Denim! I love me some denim. People are even doing denim on denim right now, and I just can't be mad at it.
5. White
Not to mention the Oscars... again. But did you notice how many white button down shirts were on the red carpet (and I am not talking Tuxedos) But white is everywhere. We've got a great white button down shirt, but with spring right around the corner I want to highlight a great pair of heels.

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