2 Podcasts to Spook up October

I spend a TON of time in the car going back and forth between the shops in Devils Lake and Fargo. I love podcasts, typically business related but it is nice to be entertained once inawhile too.  There are a TON of podcasts that claim to be spooky but most of them end up being super stupid. IDK. These are 2 of my personal favorites to make October feel a little more "Halloweeny".

Last October because of a friend on Facebook, I discovered "Astonishing Legends" a Podcast that covers a wide range of supernatural things and they discuss them in depth. Like DEPTH. Usually with a pretty sceptical tone. I will warn you some of these episodes are LONG. But it is a great thing to listen to in the car and sometimes you find yourself a little hooked into the stories and research in a way I didn't really think I would. 

Suggested Episodes:

Flannan Isles Lighthouse: The keeper of a lighthouse go missing and are NEVER heard from again. They discuss the investigation and the time and speculate as to what could have happened. It is a great way to give you a few goosebumps for Halloween. Here is the link to the Epispode:  https://www.astonishinglegends.com/al-podcasts/2018/06/24/ep-111-mystery-of-the-flannan-isles-lighthouse-part-1

The Betz Sphere: A family discovers an unknown object on their property and what does it end up being UFO... Equipment Developed for the Military? It is a fun conspiracy type listen. Here is a link the Episode: https://www.astonishinglegends.com/al-podcasts/2019/01/13/ep-130-the-betz-sphere-part-1?rq=sphere

Then what is more spooky than events that actually happened, or maybe unsolved completely?! At first I thought people were a little nutty when talking about the true crime genre. But then... I tried it and I am a little hooked. This month I started listening to Crime Junkie a podcast that talks about actual people and events. I've even started listening (with my earphones in no need to scare my kids) while I am cooking and cleaning. Some of the episodes do literally give you full body chills. But the hosts are entertaining and fun... at least as much as you can be talking about murders and mysterious disappearances. So if you need something new to get hooked on, I highly recommend them. Here is a link to their episodes because I literally couldn't give you a favorite. They are all super interesting! https://crimejunkiepodcast.com/blog/

And that's it, I have been trying to find a non stupid podcast about people's true ghost stories but I haven't found one that I have remotely liked. Apparently I need to follow my Uncle Mat around and record him during family bonfires.... (We all have that Uncle that can tell stories and make the hair on the back of your neck stand up right? ) So if you have any good suggestions, send them my way! 


ORRRR you could feel more "Halloweeny" by letting your daughter try out her newly learned special effects makeup skills on you....


Happy October! 


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