5 Tips to keep your closet "outfit ready"

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  1. Clear out all of the junk that you never use, use other closets in your house for storage the closet in your bedroom should be for the things you conveniently need to use everyday such as your clothing and accessories. You do not want to use up your visual space so you feel overwhelmed every time you look in your closet.
  2. Group like items together, for example pants hang with other pants, dresses hang with other dresses etc.
  3. Use displays for your jewelry so you can actually see it. If you have a shelf, dresser or other surface you can display your jewelry in candy dishes or serving dishes so it is easy to see, you are much more likely to use what you can see.
  4. Most of your wardrobe should be items that can be worn year round as much as possible however, undoubtedly you will have flip flops and swim suit cover ups you will not use during the cold winter months, invest in some tubs and remove those seasonal items until they are close to being in season again. This is again that valuable visual space that needs to stay as uncluttered as possible to make your life easier.
  5. Devote one section of your closet into “This weeks” clothing, take 10 minutes and plan out your wardrobe for the week. Put the entire outfit from pants, shoes, shirt and even the proper under garments together so it is quick and easy for you in the morning.

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